Monday, May 9, 2011

Open Letter to Lizzie

I got a comment that Lizzie still has a love of following me and accusing people of being me and told someone "I" need to "get a hobby that's not weddings."

Lizzie, get over it. I don't want anything to do with a community that runs according to your whims and is hypocritical. One post can have someone complaining that she's expected to cater to the food preferences of Aunt Tilly with the members supporting the complaints since "it's the brides's day" with you lambasting the OP for not caring about her aunt, then in the next, another member with the same complaint is insulted for not catering to preferences and you're lambasting members for not supporting the bride not wanting to cater to preferences.

It's funny to me that you saw I'm the one needing a non-wedding hobby. You're prancing around moderating a wedding community like you have anything of value to add other than your opinions on people's behavior. I think you're trapped in La-La Land, wishing you could be a pretty princess for a day, and you love getting attention for being a moderator of a wedding group.

I, on the other hand, am the one who actually makes and sells wedding gowns, making it by business. Weddings aren't a hobby for me. They're business, and business is going very well, despite your continued libelous attempts to smear me. I'm still chuckling at your accusation that my daughter is actually a doll or someone else's child that I've borrowed for pics. I chuckle about how, despite me and Charlotte being in the news, in articles and in news video, surrounded by people who know me, activists and such, you still think Charlotte isn't my daughter. I chuckle about how, despite not a single victim, you still think I don't actually make or sell anything.

I think you're jealous of me, which is why you think about me so much. When you don't like someone, and they can't effect your life in any way, you ignore them, but you think about me all the time. I think you need therapy, and I'm not being snarky. Really, for three or four years now you've been following me. You need help.

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