Thursday, July 28, 2011

I'm stunned. I just found out that a couple friends who I thought were open-minded, are not only in favor of businesses being able to have a blanket ban on children, saying that private businesses open to the public (and receiving all the tax breaks that come with it, which will be subsidized by the general public) should also be allowed to ban women, blacks, whoever they want. Oh my god. I'm stunned. And since private businesses should be allowed to do what they want, well, don't want to hire blacks, or Mexicans, or women, or people with physical disabilities who can still do the job? Then they shouldn't have to because there should be no equal opportunity and they equate equal opportunity and anti-discrimination laws as being the same thing as communism. They both favor liberal welfare and universal health care, but not equal rights because equal rights is communism according to them. Wow.

They are both straight white men, one married with no kids (yet), and the other is divorced and has a son he bailed on years ago. I am horrified at them and ashamed to know them. "Friends" should be in quotes.

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