Sunday, July 17, 2011

Modern Witch Hunt

It's come to my attention (thanks to an anonymous comment that I won't publish) that yet another person online has been accused me being me. This is based on her being a seamstress with a husband who's been married before and having a toddler daughter. Of the millions upon millions of people in the US alone, are we all to believe that no one else sews, has a toddler daughter, and has a husband who's been divorced? Wow. People on the constant hunt for me that everyone with a toddler, an ability to sew, and a husband who has been previously married, will be accused of being me, needs to seek therapy for an unhealthy fixation. Also it's really pathetic to constantly cite drama websites as "evidence" of anything. See a therapist. Really.


  1. Miss Fae, I know what I'm told. I don't spend my time tracking people down or studying them. I was on the forum for a while, but haven't been in a while since I realized the forum was populated by the same sort of idiots as most other forums (I'm so tempted sometimes to troll and pretend to be some child-hating man or middle-aged woman with a few kids or something completely not me, I'll admit to being so so tempted, but I just don't have the time), idiots who are hypocritical to boot. I still read the main site when I have time, but that's it. And do you know why I'm so short on time? Because I'm spending so much time making the dresses, corsets, and other items that my clients have ordered, and I'm making these things because I'm not a scammer.

    Also I've already moved. No present-tense about it. And our landlady didn't raise the rent. She just plain wanted the house back for her family. We couldn't afford to get another place on such short notice, so perfect time to hightail it somewhere more affordable.

    For all I know, the person accused of being me is a member of your club having fun trying to make me look bad. It's no secret that the lot of you stalk me and study me like I'm the subject of a masters-level course that must be dissected five ways from Sunday. I wouldn't put it past any of you to try impersonating me, either using my name, or using another name and trying to make it seem like a puppet of me. I think a lot of you have deep-seeded issues.

    I issue a challenge. At some random point, one of you buy something form my shop, something inexpensive, request a custom piece, whatever. Just so that one of you can actually have some personal experience dealing with me and see the kind of service I give and the quality of what I make and that I don't scam. Take it out of drama-forum heresay. It would take a special set of brass balls to deal with me, get great service and a quality product, then to lie. I'm sure some of your lot would do just that, or even lie and say a order was placed and not received (with a curious lack of negative feedback that all of you would overlook). But maybe, just maybe, there'd be a part of someone who would have a hard time lying when actually holding something that was in my hands. Maybe it'd be harder to type a brand new lie than just to repeat one from a drama website.

    For my charity sale, someone convo'd me asking if she could send the money directly to the charity and send me confirmation. I said yes. Do you think a person running a scam would be fine with someone sending the money directly to the charity so that it never even passes through my hands? I got a follow-up convo saying she wanted to make sure I didn't write of the money as a donation, though legally I could. It would be money I earned that I donated. But writing anything off didn't even cross my mind. So far, she hasn't ordered. At this point, I suspect she's a member of your group.

    Also considering how little "social interaction" I have with any of you online (and none in person), it's funny to me that you call me a "socially incompetent cunt." Really mature of you, resorting to misogynistic personal insults without any remote backing.

  2. pt 1

    I'm not going to approve comments full of swears (if something's got too many swears by MY opinion when I can swear like a sailor, then really there are too many).

    Jillian, you said (with the swears removed), "What about how you just buy everything you sell from Tracy? Even if you send things to people who buy, your taking credit for her beautiful work."

    Jillian, for years I've been asking for pictures. If she made anything on my site, why doesn't she have pictures of my gowns on her possession? I can understand not getting pictures of one item here and there, or taking some but finding out after it's shipped out that the pics weren't good. But I've got dozens of things on my website, and she doesn't have pictures of a single one of them in her possession. Are we all really to believe that she has made dozens of things without getting pictures? And how can those who've bought from me in person, who've been to my home and watched the creation process, be explained away?

    Look, Tracy and I were once friends. She encouraged me to start my first website back in 1999. I don't think she expected that I, and little 18-year-old just out of high school, would have any idea how to sew, and I suspect she thought I'd post ugly stuff that would make her look better in comparison. But instead I posted pretty things. So she had an incentive to tear me down. Eliminate competition. She'd already had a site for a few years, so she was able to use how she'd been around longer as some sort of "evidence" of being more trustworthy. And over the past 12 years, it's snowballed. The current group of people, all of you, can easily be traced to her. A member of your group, Jimmy, is friends with one of her friends. Katrina/Katherine (that girl has claimed both as her real name) has been an ass-kisser of Tracy's since the early days. Like Brandy (who goes by RoseDB1912 and Rosie in the Titanic circles), she's received things from Tracy for insulting me. Brandy actually received three dresses from me for making an old website, which she promptly took down after receiving the third dress and put up a "warning" that I don't send anything...even though her Geocities site had pictures of her in all three of the gowns (that was a hard betrayal - when her grandpa died, she called me in tears, and when my great-grandpa died, I called her, so I thought she was a good friend for a while). Brandy's fallen off the face of the planet, sort of, only posting on a Yahoo Groups group every now and then, but Katrina/Katherine is still a bit active on Livejournal. She's a member of the drama groups there, and the drama groups are made up of people more interested in a scandal rather than in critical thinking and looking at the evidence, or the very noticeable lack of evidence, for themselves.

    I haven't heard from Tracy directly in years, though a couple of my clients have told me that they contacted us both before deciding to go with me, and that she did make her same claims against me, that I buy everything from her, in e-mails. I don't know if people sometimes buy from me because my prices are lower and they think they're getting a discount on her work, or if they realize it's a lie because I refuse to insult my "colleagues" to potential clients. I don't play the games she does, and I will not make claims if I can't back them up with some sort of evidence or common sense.

  3. pt 2

    I do think Tracy does nice work, and I do think she actually sends items, but I think her colleague-ethic is lacking. Her fault is that she has resorted to dishonestly to try to keep the market to herself, and I think it's backfired. She's so much more connected to this drama than even I am, and there's been a curious lack of anything new on her website for almost a year. It's a pity because there are enough people out here wanting the things we both make, and I'm sometimes having to turn clients down because my schedule is too full. I've had a couple inquiries I would have sent her way, but I'm not so inclined to show a kindness to someone who spent years trying to tear me down and who, even now, is content to let people think that every item I make came from her.

    Maybe I'm a sucker, but even now I'd be willing to let by-gones be by-gones and to work with Tracy rather than us being pitted against each other. All this fighting does is taint the industry. I'm not the one hurting over it. My own agenda is so full I couldn't take an order for the next few months no matter how much of a rush fee someone would pay. But this crap needs to stop. I don't even care about an apology. That would mean nothing at this point. I'd just like an agreement that we not slam each other and for her to openly acknowledge that not a single thing on my site is from her. But I'm just being the bigger person. She won't do this, and that's sad for her. I think the tide is already turning in my favor. It really says a lot about someone who will insult the competition in easily-disprovable ways and who won't be honest in public.

    So I'm going to keep doing what I've been doing for more than a decade, and that is to keep doing the best I can do, making quality custom gowns, corsets, and other things, for my wonderful clients, many who have become repeat clients and even close personal friends. My daughter's first non-relative babysitter was a woman whose wedding gown I made. She found me through etsy. I'm thankful for the wonderful people I work for and for the friendships I've made. Even if Tracy wants to keep up her piddly crap, the friendships I've made are enough for me.

  4. Sketch, with as closely as some of you follow my life, I have no doubt that some of you probably try to imitate me "for the lulz". I'm not as stupid as you think. If I were going to go to a forum and go by a different name, I'd change enough details about my life instead of mirroring my life. Add a kid, have no kids, be a single mom (or even dad)... In fact, it sounds like a fun challenge and as I have time, I just might create a character and roll-play to see how long it takes to be discovered, if I am. Might? No, will. If I'm going to be accused of being where I'm not, and have others accused of being me, I might as well for to those carious forums and have some fun. I am now lamenting not having the time to dedicate to this challenge. Maybe once I'm finished with some of my current orders I'll have a bit more time.

    And I challenge you to tell me what username is mine when I do create one. But I won't tell you when I do. If you guess right, I'll be honest and tell you. I do think this could be a lot of fun.


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