Thursday, July 14, 2011

So stressed

I don't even know what to say. The last couple months have been some of the hardest of my life. I'll write up a post about everything later. Just suffice it to say that our landlord wanted the house back, and the cost of living is too much to save up the money needed in 30 days to get another place.$6k-$9k is typical. First month's rent, plus an additional two months' worth for the deposit. In an area where $2k is cheap for rent. So we're in limbo, and are in two different states right now just to have roofs over our heads. Cody is working his ass off with Apple, waiting for a transfer, and I'm with Charlotte spending my time divided between her, sewing (heh, I dragged along the dress form that will work for my current and next 3 orders, my main sewing machine, etc.), repairing my website (the drive it was on crashed), and looking at houses and apartments here in Oregon, dreaming about the day Cody and I get the keys to a new place so we can have our family back in tact. We don't know yet if we'll end up here in Oregon, in Washington, or where. We don't have regular addresses, yet are determines to uphold our end of our obligations. Being home-challenged makes it all so difficult, but I appreciate the distractions. The income sure helps though. And I've got some exciting orders coming up.

It's really sad to realize we're lucky. A lot of people losing houses these days lose their houses because of the primary breadwinner losing a job. For us? Landlord wanted the house back. (Turns out her son-in-law, a deadbeat with no work ethic [our lease required us to have him as the gardener, and he showed up, if we were lucky, once every six weeks when he was supposed to be there weekly, and when he did show up, he usually left before finishing], lost his job and his family was being evicted.) Cody still has a job. I still have my business. When Cody joins us up here, we'll be able to put down 3 years with Apple on rental apps instead of a month or two that a lot of other people finding new jobs would have to.

It's still a miserable situation to be in though. Cody has seen his child less the past couple months than a dad with every-other-weekend visitation. A few hours here and there. We've both been bouncing around place to place, and Charlotte and I haven't always been close enough to visit. Thank the gods for our iPhones. Facetime (that really cool video-chat shown on the commercials) has been wonderful. Like last night I Facetime'd Cody and his mom so Charlotte could see them and they could see her. She giggled and squealed up a storm!

I can't wait to have my website on the new drive fixed so I can finish updates. I have about 30 things to add, and when I'm finished with my current 9-item order...yeah, massive update. Updates feel like Christmas presents to myself, silly as that sounds. I'm proud of what I do, and putting up a new page or adding new things to one feels like a shiny new...something. Silly, I know, but still. It's true.

Also Charlotte may have some issues. I'm not going to get into that at all on this blog right now, just cross fingers, please. If you want to know, shoot me an e-mail (ariaclements at gmail dot com). Hard to swallow that our bright little girl might have some special needs. Thank goodness the problem he may have is something we've dealt with in my immediate family and is physical rather than mental, so would be easier to deal with to help ensure she has a normal life.

Now...back to putting a skirt on a black velvet regency spencer!

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