Thursday, August 25, 2011

I miss Eric and Tracy

Last week some friends of ours from Canada came to town and now we're sad they're gone. Eric and Tracy, we miss you and love you and can't wait until next year!

While they were here one day, they and I took Charlotte to downtown Portland, and yes, she went around looking like this, like a little princess in her full, fluffy dress (not made my me), her real pearl and crystal necklace (that I did make), and her rhinestone tiara.

She picked up that stock somewhere and walked around pointing it at people babbling like she was making commands.

She got so much attention for being so adorable!

On one of the last days they were here, we went to the Portland Rose Garden.

This is a sweet candid Eric shot of Charlotte and Cody.

We can't wait to see Eric and Tracy again. Charlotte was just enamored with Eric. It was so sweet!

While Tracy was here, I made her this spiffy halter dress. Bra straps aren't part of it! Also you can't see the pleating detail in this pick, or the button detail on the front which matches the one at the back of the neck. The belt is separate instead of attached, and it's a full circle skirt. She was thrilled!

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