Sunday, October 9, 2011

A rally, Steve, and a busy schedule

On Thursday, I took Charlotte to Occupy Portland. She's been to more protests, rallies, and demonstrations than most adults I know, and she's only 22 months old! We want her to stand up for what she believes in, and the best way to teach her that is to stand up for what we believe in and set an example.

Of course the media, controlled by big corporations, tried to make the participants seem like a bunch of masked hooligans out to cause destruction and claimed Portland residents should be on their guard and concerned about us all out there. There were a lot of pictures posted of the same small group of people who had bandanas on their faces (people afraid their bosses would recognize and fire them), and the media did a damned good job of making some of my friends fearful for Charlotte's and my safety for being out there. Media propaganda, nothing more. There has been no crime, no property damage, and it will not be tolerated.

In fact, on the news tonight the broadcasters expressed shock that for the Portland Marathon the rally participants helped set up and clean up afterward, helping to make this year's relay one of the best ever.

Well yeah, these participants aren't hoodlums. They're good people frustrated about the lack of jobs and government help for those who are disabled and unable to find work while refusing to close the loopholes enabling the top 1% to pay a much smaller percentage in income taxes as the average American (see Warren't Buffett's "Stopp coddling the rich" open letter).

It's funny how the super-rich like to say that those on the bottom-most income rung shouldn't complain because they're not paying any taxes at all. Well it's not exactly an privilege to be on that bottom rung scrimping and depriving oneself all the time just to scrape by. Almost anyone on that rung would gladly trade places with the billionaires and pay 50% in income taxes while having enough left over to never ever every have to budget for anything and to always have the best of everything. I have a family friend who usually writes a check every April for more than Cody and I make in a year, and he's said he's fortunate enough to make so much money that his tax bill is that high and that he won't complain when he knows many others would give anything to be in his shoes. And he's right.

Anyway here are a few pictures from the rally:

After this, we went to the Apple store where Cody works and where people were leaving flowers and notes to Steve. The outfit wasn't coincidental. Steve was famous for always wearing a black turtleneck and jeans. I was also wearing the same thing.

This month's sewing schedule is insane. I am finishing a Lord of the Rings gown for a wedding, I have a rush order for a Wendy Darling gown, I have Charlotte's Tangled/Rapunzel costume (she's obsessed), and a Heath Ledger Joker costume for my brother (who has even been growing his hair out for quite a while to get the right look).

We're also meeting with a lender to see if there's any chance we might qualify for a home loan and, if not, what we need to do to improve our chances of qualifying at some point in the hopefully-not-too-distant future. Paying a mortgage would cost much less than we're paying to stay in a hotel, plus we wouldn't have to deal with storage fees.

So. Busy. Busy busy busy.

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