Saturday, December 10, 2011

If our children's playtime is a reflection of us as parents...

...then I must be a good mommy. Yesterday Charlotte sat on her potty like it was a regular chair, and had her dolly in her lap. I wrapped a blanket around her shoulders, and she used it to wrap her dolly and said, "shhhh, shhhh," to her dolly while rocking her. Then she tried to feed her dolly! She is still breastfed herself (and is healthy as an ox for it), and knows it means I love her, and she did the same with her dolly, and then kissed the dolly's cheek while continuing to rock. My heart melted!

Well, Charlotte is two! And the next day Cody and I had our anniversary, and on Wednesday Cody has his birthday, and mine was Thursday! Nothing super exciting on any of them since Cody worked all of them except his birthday, and we spent part of that trying to figure out an electrical issue that managed to correct itself today. We thought either the coach batteries (that power the DC appliances) to the converter was going bad, but Cody topped the batteries off yesterday with distilled water, and saw a piece of debris that managed to get in one of them, and we drove the RV about half an hour today, and now everything's fine. Good thing for that. We were looking at spending a few hundred replacing them.

In another week Cody's mom Theola will be here for a visit. She hasn't seen Charlotte (or any of us) since August, which is tough since she and Charlotte are so close and she was even there when Charlotte was born. We'll properly celebrate birthdays then. :)

On my birthday a friend and I hug out at the mall, and Charlotte just took to LeAnne like I've never seen her take to anyone! When LeAnne had to go, Charlotte's little heart just broke. I held her until she broke free and then she ran down the mall after LeAnne crying, "Bye! Bye!" and then, "Hi? Hi?" and fell to the ground and just cried. So sad. Thankfully LeAnne took right to her too and would like to babysit, so Cody and I might actually get date nights sometimes and Charlotte will get to spend time with someone other than us and I'm sure she's so bored of us!

Last week was annoying. There's a new scam going around and I fell victim. What it is is someone claiming to need things for a wedding that's very soon, and paying with bad checks. I did get a deposit that cleared, rushed the dress, then, to be nice since her wedding was soon (somehow I doubt there is a wedding), sent the dress but she still hadn't sent the balance like she said, and then she sent a tracking number when I told her I needed one before I'd let the dress be released. I got a bad check, and the kicker is it was for 25% less than the balance. $473.30 I am out. The particular gown she ordered for the supposed wedding wouldn't be what you'd think of for a wedding. It's this one:

Stupidly, despite it being a crime in most states to pay with a bad check and not make it right, the police in my city won't treat it like a crime, leaving my option to fly all the way across the country. I've come by a few people who've either fallen victim to the same scam from someone in the same area, or who almost fell victim. I'm biting my tongue to not swear up a storm. There's speculation that it's someone or a group coming down from Canada, and I have no idea how anyone came up with that. All I know for sure isn't even her name (she's given a few of them!), but that it's birthday time times four (my brother's is also this month) plus anniversary and Christmas, and that money was really needed. It's caused me to reevaluate some of my policies and to take a closer look at first-time clients who didn't find out about me from someone I know who can vouch for that person.

Anyway I have a handful of dresses and a couple corsets to work on in the next few months, and a big wedding gown to do for next fall, among other things so, while it's annoying, the world is not collapsing.

From the 17th until the 31st we will be house/cat-sitting, and I plan to make good use of being able to spread out a bit while sewing. By being efficient with space and having Cody take the dogs and Charlotte out of here for a day and pulling out my hair-free cutting mats, I've been able to do sewing as usual, but it would be nice not having to be so efficient with space!

It's also cold enough here that we can use the basement storage in the RV as extra refrigerator room. I think we hit a high of 34 today, and it was 29 until about noon. Charlotte, our little polar bear, is in heaven and keeps ripping her coat off to run around and we're having heart attacks worried her fingers or toes will freeze off! Loving it though!

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  1. It's so sweet when little girls "breast feed" their dolls. The first time Margaret did it, we were a little surprised, but it was incredibly cute!


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